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Budget calculator: How much may your property cost?

Before you decide on a property and a financing, you should determine how expensive the property may be. In this calculation our budget calculator, which calculates on the basis of your maximum available amount per month helps you. Incidentally, the amount that you have available monthly can be determined with the help of our household calculator.

The maximum budget for real estate acquisition

Based on a few details, the budget calculator shows you how much you can afford to buy a property. Among other things, it is important to include the amounts that you can continuously contribute to financing on a monthly or one-off basis as equity. In addition, the computer needs of course various framework data for the project, such as the annual borrowing rate per year or the duration of the interest rate commitment.
After entering the required information, you will receive information about which loan amount you can serve or what total amount you can spend including your equity. Also ancillary costs, modernization costs and the safety discount are taken into account.

Optional: request a financing offer online

Optionally, you can simply request a financing offer online after the calculation – without obligation. Well over 300 banks and savings banks guarantee a wide selection, competent advice from financing specialists and, of course, favorable terms for your home purchase or other real estate acquisition.

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