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DATE: February 21, 2019

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Consolidation loan for debtors

There are many financial solutions in the market. Most of them are able to meet financial needs or solve problems arising from the material difficulties of most people. Everyone has a different life, material and professional situation. It is also a fact that many people certainly experience negative effects in their lives, the so-called financial spiral.

What is this phenomenon? This is, in short, a situation in which the amount of liabilities exceeds the amount of monthly income. People who fell into a spiral of debt very often also have considerable arrears in paying off their debts. They also can not boast of good credit history – they usually have low scoring at BIK (Credit Information Bureau), resulting from delays in repayment of their obligations. In practice, this group of people can not apply for a loan in a bank – most banks, when analyzing creditworthiness, automatically reject a potential borrower’s request, if the client’s BIK shows a lot of overdue liabilities. In this situation financial institutions that offer a consolidation loan for indebted people come to help.

Is there a loan consolidation?

The consolidation loan consists of combining all liabilities into one- check my site. The lender borrows all the liabilities of his client from the borrowed funds and offers him not a few but one installment. The amount of this installment depends on many factors such as, inter alia, the terms of the loan agreement (interest rate, commission added, around loan charges), the borrower’s financial situation, the total liabilities that would be subject to consolidation.

Prior to the adoption of this important decision, which is the consolidation of its obligations, in particular, indebted persons should look carefully at the provisions of the contract. It is certain that due to the risk – bad credit history – the lender increases the interest rate and the cost of the loan, but it is always worth checking exactly all the costs of the loan and if possible compare it to another. Perhaps it will turn out that the consolidation loan offer for indebted people may vary a lot, which will save you from several dozen to even several hundred zlotys per month.

It’s worth measuring your strength for intentions

Although often offers of consolidation loans may turn out to be one of the only solutions to financial problems, the whole process should be taken with caution. It is worth considering whether it will be able to pay off installments. It is also worth carefully analyzing the loan agreement, check all its records and ask any questions of the lender if you have any doubts. There are many dishonest companies on the market that try to take advantage of the difficult financial situation of many people. “Get out of the rain into the gutter” is much worse than trying to fix the repayment terms with individual creditors on an ongoing basis. Safe lending depends only on the vigilance and consideration of the borrower when signing the contract. To minimize the risk it is worth borrowing from trusted and recommended institutions offering consolidation loans for indebted households.

One lower installment due to the consolidation of loans

In most cases, those who decide to take out a loan of this type can sleep without fear. They will probably only settle one, often lower, installment. This solution is particularly attractive for people who can not cope with payday loans – quick loans, which usually have a maturity date of the entire amount falling after one month from taking a payday. One, lower installment is certainly more attractive and easier to repay. In addition, the use of such an offer allows breaking the continuity of the occurrence of debt in BIK reports.

After consolidation, you can ask the previous lenders to remove negative entries and data regarding liabilities from the archives of the Credit Information Bureau. Thanks to this treatment, you can count on improving your financial situation and credit history at BIK.

What is worth knowing before taking out a consolidation loan for indebted parties?

With a regular repayment of the consolidation loan, you can count on improving your scoring. One of the drawbacks of loans for indebted is probably – depending on the type of offer – an extension of the repayment period – it is certain that it will be much longer. The reason is that the lender, in order to offer a more affordable installment and at the same time “earn” on the commission and interest rate, must extend the loan repayment period. It is also worth bearing in mind that the lender may refuse to agree on the consolidation of all obligations that the indebted person has. Also, such a scenario should also be taken into consideration. However, in the reverse, also possible situation, the borrower offering consolidations may propose a bonus in the form of additional cash, which the borrower can use for any purpose.

A consolidation loan for indebted people, for some, in the case of signing a contract with a reliable and reliable lender, may be a godsend and a solution to many of the financial problems of both the home budget and the psyche. On the other hand, signing a consolidation agreement without thoroughly verifying the contract’s provisions may result in a deterioration of its financial situation, by agreeing to grant a loan under very unfavorable conditions (very high installments, hidden costs around the loan, very long crediting period). The basis is to use a loan offer that has been tested and recommended by others.

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