Blacklist Credits Do Not Mind

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In 2004, the Croatian Banking Association (HUB) established a so-called black list of banks with the aim that each bank can check the financial condition and repayment period of each client’s credit at any time. After years of global crisis and recession that has affected many, the liquidity of citizens who are suddenly unable to meet their obligations has been significantly reduced.

To credit companies alone, being blacklisted means nothing

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Accordingly, the need for loans increased almost several times overnight, and banks, besides profits, naturally felt a fear of disorderly payers. Therefore, they needed a secure system that would protect them from so-called risky loans, that is, issuing loans to clients who would probably not be able to repay them properly. In short, the objective of creating a blacklist was to start exchanging information from all clients through the so-called Information Sharing System (SRI) of banks, separating those who do not repay their loans in good order or in large, illicit minuses.

Thus, the banks have been exchanging data on a monthly basis on a monthly basis since 2004, and by introducing strict supervision, they have been able to control the lending of irregular payers. Thus, since 2004, the lending business has continued to flourish, while in proportion to these citizens, debts have grown and liquidity has fallen. And the blacklist was getting thicker.

Blacklist of Banks – Who, Why and By When

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Although, according to the Croatian National Bank, only about five percent of the population does not pay their loans on time, it is clear from practice that many of those whose names are on the list are subject to clear rules. The blacklist will invade if properly not paying for all loans, if you went into the red, inadmissible minus, if you found yourself in the process where you bank for some reason sue, and if you were so persistent in non-payment to you is therefore canceled credit or credit card revoked.

The black list criteria are, in principle, clear and objective, and are valid for everyone equally so as to avoid selective bank policy; all banks regarding the list must be absolutely complex and harmonized otherwise the very meaning of this method of insurance would be lost.

Creditworthy after two unpaid months

And even though the term blacklist itself sounds pretty ominous, no one will put your name on that financial pillar of shame and deny you loans for one outstanding installment or one reprimand. You become a secure candidate when 60 days have passed, or two months after you have paid the last installment of the loan; and it may be less if your debt to the bank has reached the value of USD 3000 per loan – when it comes to the current account, the period is the same, 60 days, but the debt is double and amounts to USD 1500.

Therefore, if it did not seem easy for you to breach the terms of being fined with a blacklist, it can be seen from this that it is quite sufficient for two months not to settle your obligations to the bank. And once the banking system puts you on the list – unless you somehow manage to settle all your debts at once – you become labeled a messy payer at each bank … for the next three years!

Loans whose realization is blacklisted do not matter

Loans whose realization is blacklisted do not matter

While many seek credit for these conditions where the blacklist does not bother, banks justify this spartan measure with their right to assess risk , that is, to know about clients and potential borrowers with everything they can find out before granting you a loan… Blacklisted irregular payments continue to occasionally require financial assistance that makes no sense to go bank… Fortunately, there are many non-banking credit institutions such as credit companies in our market that are not bothered by the blacklist. In most of them you will not be asked to blacklist or check the status of the HROK; For the most part, credit companies specialize in fast, online cash loans with less cash and shorter payback times, and they have become a popular lending institution and do not mind the blacklist.

Credit companies again the best choice

Credit companies again the best choice

For many, being blacklisted does not bother credit companies the best choice; especially since you get a loan or loan with minimal conditions and in just a few hours. Most of them have been in business for a long time, but some still do not know how much faster and easier it is to get a loan where the blacklist does not matter.

All these non-bank credit institutions will ask you for a loan are a personal ID, a copy of your current account without a lock, and an excerpt from the bank that proves your monthly income – they do not mind your name on the black so you can forget about HROK and employers’ certificates, perfect credit rating or an intact two-thirds salary – in all serious credit companies!