Month: September 2019

Credit calculator

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A loan calculator is an option offered by banks and other financial institutions to their clients to calculate the cost of a loan themselves. The loan calculator itself is informative, but it helps clients to create their loan repayment plan from the comfort of their own home and with just a few mouse clicks. So […]

Nearly 30 years required to obtain credit approval

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The “Good Finance” devotes its latest issue * to the consumer credit market. An interesting book, which first recalls the role of credit in the financing of the economy. The image of banks and traditional credit institutions has certainly deteriorated considerably in recent years. This deterioration can be explained in particular by sometimes abusive commercial […]

Credits to close foreclosure

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Financial analysts often warn of high trends of rising cost of living, which is why citizens are increasingly exposed to open debts (which are, as trends show, increasing). No wonder many people nowadays find that their current monthly wages are simply not enough to cover all their living expenses – so choosing between paying your […]

Buyback and renegotiation of credit: what you need to know

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Having become a full-fledged bank, the takeover and renegotiation of loans are on the rise. However, these banking operations can not be improvised and need to ask some questions before starting. Here’s what you need to know Loan buyback and renegotiation: what’s the difference? With historically low interest rates, there is good reason for credit […]