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Budget calculator: How much may your property cost?

Before you decide on a property and a financing, you should determine how expensive the property may be. In this calculation our budget calculator, which calculates on the basis of your maximum available amount per month helps you. Incidentally, the amount that you have available monthly can be determined with the help of our household calculator.

The maximum budget for real estate acquisition

Based on a few details, the budget calculator shows you how much you can afford to buy a property. Among other things, it is important to include the amounts that you can continuously contribute to financing on a monthly or one-off basis as equity. In addition, the computer needs of course various framework data for the project, such as the annual borrowing rate per year or the duration of the interest rate commitment.
After entering the required information, you will receive information about which loan amount you can serve or what total amount you can spend including your equity. Also ancillary costs, modernization costs and the safety discount are taken into account.

Optional: request a financing offer online

Optionally, you can simply request a financing offer online after the calculation – without obligation. Well over 300 banks and savings banks guarantee a wide selection, competent advice from financing specialists and, of course, favorable terms for your home purchase or other real estate acquisition.

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Argentina will pay the debt of 960 million dollars it has with Spain before 2012

  • It has been agreed by the presidents of both countries during the XVI Ibero-American Summit of Montevideo.
  • Before December 1, the agreement will be finalized.
  • The King accepts to act as a "facilitator" in the conflict between the paper mills between Buenos Aires and Montevideo.
Zapatero y Kirchner

Zapatero and Kirchner at the XVI Ibero-American Summit. (Ángel Díaz / Efe) Ángel Díaz / Efe
Argentina and Spain have agreed on a mechanism so that "before 2012 " the South American country "has canceled all" of the 960 million dollars owed to the European nation since 2001, informed official sources.

The understanding was reached by the Argentine President, Néstor Kirchner, and the head of the Spanish Government, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, in a meeting held within the framework of the XVI Ibero-American Summit of Montevideo.

"It has worked according to the mandate of the presidents and before December 1 will be an agreement that is compatible with the commitments of each country against international financial institutions," said an official Argentine spokesman.

An agreement will be made before December 1 that is compatible with the commitments of each country

He added that "it is the intention of both governments that in 2012 the total debt has been canceled" that Argentina contracted with Spain amidst the resounding economic and social crisis that erupted in the South American country at the end of 2001.

Trinidad Jiménez confirmed the extremes of the agreement principle, although he did not report which are the points that will still have to be negotiated before December 1.

The secretary of state also did not specify if the cancellation would take place in the form of remission or as payment: "what is relevant is the principle of agreement, the concrete contents will be known before December 1".

The King, "facilitator" in the conflict of the bins

The King has accepted Kirchner's request to act as a "facilitator" in the paper mill dispute between the governments of Buenos Aires and Montevideo.

This was announced at a press conference by the Spanish Secretaries of State of Communication, Fernando Moraleda, and Trinidad Jiménez.

Kirchner made this request to the monarch in the meeting that both held in the morning during the XVI Ibero-American Summit.

In his appearance before the press, Trinidad Jiménez explained that, although an official meeting has not been scheduled, "it is not ruled out that a meeting could take place" between the Spanish monarch and the Uruguayan president during the work sessions of the summit.

The Ibero-American fund to facilitate access to water

On the other hand, Zapatero proposed the creation of an Ibero-American fund to facilitate access to water for people who do not have it, proposed that the Ibero-American General Secretariat study the initiative and said that Spain is willing to commit to its financing.

For the President of the Government, this initiative, along with the Literacy Plan and the exchange of debt for education would be three "powerful instruments" to attack the main ills of the Ibero-American community.

International terrorism

Zapatero also defended that the Ibero-American Community has an active role in the search for answers to global challenges, among which he cited, in addition to access to water, international terrorism, climate change, the depletion of natural resources and the proliferation of massive destruction weapons.

Zapatero raised an exchange of university students similar to ERASMUS that exists in the EU

Regarding international terrorism, stressed that its origin is very complex and responds in part to a process of modernization frustrated or unfinished in many societies, the inability, he added, to find solutions to entrenched conflicts, to frustration at the scarce economic outlook and social, particularly among young people. "

The strengthening of the World Trade Organization and the requirement of compliance with the Kyoto Protocol were also defended by Zapatero.

In addition, he proposed to work in favor of alliances of companies in the European countries of the Ibero-American Community with small and medium-sized companies in Latin America, and proposed an exchange mechanism for university students similar to ERASMUS that exists within the EU.


Similarly, Zapatero made a closed defense of legality before the migration phenomenon and said that legality "is the beginning and the way" that must be followed.

Labor exploitation and illegal work must be combated with the full force of the law

In his speech at the second working session of the summit, dedicated to "Migrations and Development", Zapatero also stressed the importance of having comprehensive integration plans for those seeking their future in another country.

"We have to ensure that immigration occurs with all guarantees, and the best guarantee of defending the human rights of migrants is the commitment to legality, cooperation, and unequivocal action in the fight against trafficking in persons. people, "he said.

Also, he advocated fighting "with all the weight of the law" labor exploitation and illegal work.

Support to Central America in negotiations with the EU

In addition, Zapatero has committed the "specific support" of Spain to Central America in the negotiations of the treaty of association with the European Union and a help of 40 million euros to boost the regional integration of the area.

King Juan Carlos and Rodríguez Zapatero held a working breakfast with the presidents of El Salvador, Costa Rica and Honduras, and the vice presidents of the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Panama on the occasion of the XVI Ibero-American Summit.

At breakfast, all agreed to praise the great efforts of integration that have made the countries of the area, a process that, according to the president of El Salvador, Elías Antonio Saca, "moves quickly, much more than many believe."

This breakfast is one of the several meetings that the King and Zapatero are planning to celebrate during the three days of the Summit .

All the countries present at the summit condemned Friday on the first day of work the construction of the wall that will separate the US and Mexico.

  • Zapatero and Kirchner

    Zapatero and Kirchner at the XVI Ibero-American Summit. (Ángel Díaz / Efe) (Ángel Díaz / Efe)

    "> Zapatero and Kirchner

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